Parc naturel Passeligne Pelissier

Passeligne-Pélissier nature reserve - 800 m from the hotel

The hotel is next to Passeligne-Pélissier Nature Reserve giving you direct access to Agen's green belt. The area covers 60 hectares of land and water, just perfect for outdoor sports such as jogging and exercice.  

Keep healthy during your stay in Agen at the Hotel du Lac

With its 30 hectares of land and another 30 of water (divided between lake Passeligne and lake Pélissier, where you can also go fishing), the park offers 14 km of cycle and pedestrian pathways, as well as grounds for football, rugby, and volleyball. The Passeligne-Pélissier Nature Park is the ideal place for leisure and health.

Playgrounds for children and information boards on the flora and fauna allow you to experience a great family day out. Popular with the local Agenais, the park is just a few minutes on foot from the Hotel du Lac Agen Boé, don't miss out.